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An exciting path led to the presidency of IKSZE, touching upon bigger or smaller participants of the for-profit sector (OTP, Johnson&Johnson, FIVOSZ – Hungarian Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs). With a starting kit of economics and marketing studies, Mónika is now leading the busy everyday life of IKSZE as an executive, manager and economic expert, helping to maintain the framework where the professional path can be fulfilled.

Through her previous jobs she has gained insight into several fields of business (commerce, B2B business communication, trade marketing, marketing, purchase, services), therefore her narrower field of professional interest include customer management, strategic planning and cost management. As for her broader field of interest, we must mention creating opportunities, inviting ideas into reality, carving small arcs under the big ones in social matters, both in her profession and on the level of hobbies as a private person.

Hungary entering the international Get in the Ring startup competition series is connected to her name, first organized in our country last fall with such success that Hungary could introduce itself with startupers that got into the European semifinal.

This is where we met Móna who invited the IKSZE group as well among the implementers of the competition.

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Évi profil


Since the fall of 2012 the professional focus of IKSZE has been turning towards the topics of higher education more than ever before simply due to the fact that a carrier expert joined the crew. With the first generation leadership training of IKSZE as a background, she arrived to Budapest from the driver seat of the career office at Pécs University, to lead the endeavor of the organization’s development as well as of positioning higher education issues in our portfolio. The number of university and college programs grew, common work expanded with other university centers in the country: trainings, workshops and comprehensive institutional organization development, project planning workshops.

Meanwhile she also continued her studies to become a senior professional in organizational development, training and facilitation, having the skills for each part of the process that she is responsible for, from flipchart scribbles during proposal writing to thematic summer camps and negotiations with international partners.

She is a curator and freelance specialist at Tandem in Slovakia, having participated several times with them in the organization and leadership of career orientation and entrepreneur competence development adventure camps that were especially created for secondary school students and their teachers.

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Brigi profil


With an MA in Hungarian language and literature combined with teachers’ training, she began her career at IKSZE with the functional culture of writing, reading and communication. In the summer of 2012 the organization invited her to handle the career orientation camp of secondary school students. Her job was to find the common voice with the schools, teachers and students, to recruit, organize, write a blog, listen to discussions and find conversation partners. The concept of speaking in tongues was reinterpreted in alternative ways during the years spent with us and by now she daily speaks in English, in trainer language, competitions, budget and the language of children and adults alike. She flirts with the world of graphics, of trainers, feverishly seeking untrodden paths, opportunities for learning and improvement. Meanwhile she has an unshakable faith in the beneficial, energizing effect of the balance between work and private life.

She is the PR herald of IKSZE who creates circles from squares, excitement from boredom, atmospheres from profiles and messages from mails: this is how a unique IKSZE brand was born that is not only about professionalism but future planning, brainstorming, connections and their reinterpretation as well.

She helps us find the right words, as IKSZE professionals and Hungarian civil thinkers, to express our message, what we are working for and how we can achieve our ambitions.

Today she is responsible for the ideas of the international competitions at IKSZE, being their manager and lumberjack, and the “Hungarian” face at international round table discussions in the profession.

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