We are a nonprofit association. We found this alternative form to be the most flexible medium from where it is still possible to enter the educational and developmental problem areas that motivate us, while we can remain somewhat independent from their constraints.


These constraints often take a lot of our time, energy and creativity, requiring difficult extra rounds due to strict regulations that we would like to avoid.

For someone at a school, higher education institution or a small or big business company it can be very difficult to react to all the changes due to the quickly changing circumstances, the requirements of daily work, the flow of innovations they are hardly able to follow or the size of the apparatus on its own. In other words, for those who wish to bring a “fresh breeze”: motivation, innovative approach, new knowledge to the system and keep it there as well. Not to mention the next issue that arises: to finance all this...

Well, this is where our help can become handy.

We are mad about the innovator-educator types of people, sources of knowledge and strategies that help develop and maintain the kind of thinking and operation that points forward. We would like to find the opportunity to get in touch with key people and their key programs that we can pass on to others. Not only to be a channel but at the same time the active medium that reacts to what it learned, undertaking it as a mission and spreading the word.


We have built our career consultant and career building services in a way that we ourselves have become trainers and facilitator in the meantime. We promote entrepreneur approaches at schools while taking a big step of our own and becoming self-maintained entrepreneurs. We organize trainings for teachers where we sit and learn together with them. We speak about methods supporting young people while continuously working with student groups to see, hear and understand them. We talk about organization development while having led such processes in several places of the country for years. We communicate, present, plan and organize, as this is our here and now as well, this is how we can best assist others.



We assist in the preparation of competition programs while also working on competitions ourselves. We know what it’s like when the goal is already set but there is no resource yet. So we also take our part in the mostly uncertain – and let’s add: often dead boring – long paperwork process in search for funding.

Something for something, right?




Our work ethics, thinking and general daily methods are basically characterized by the trainer mentality. This is what we are good at, and we know that trainer attitude does not end at team building weekends of ball games that everyone has loads of experience about.

Trainer attitude is a tool for us, a solution strategy, a bloody serious game, colorful post-it, composed letters, product, essence, goal and reason, sundaymondaytuesdaywednesdaythursdayfridaysaturday.


There is a living rule for trainers: do not lead a session you have not tried yourself before as a participant as well.

This is our guiding principle. We regard ourselves and our partners as a community, be it teachers, TED lecturers, theoretical and practical professionals, organization top leaders, security guards, young mothers or secondary school teen.


We can only learn and teach together.

This is the only way we feel authentic.