In December 2013 our Leonardo Transfer of Innovation project called Teaching Entrepreneurial Approach was launched, adapting teacher training into Hungary that assists in the education of entrepreneurial approaches and competences, in cooperation with an Austrian and a Bulgarian partner.

In this project the trainings have two stages, the first group led by the trainers of our Austrian partner organization and the second one already under the guidance of the Hungarian trainers.

Project number: 2013-1-HU1-LEO05-09628

Project name: Teaching Entrepreneurial Approach

Project partners: Kirchliche Pädagogische Hochschule Wien/Krems (At), National High School in Finance and Business (Bg), Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Hu), Helyi Mérték Foundation (Hu), Schola Europa Akadémia secondary technical school (Hu)

Project total cost: 274 052 EUR

Source: LEONARDO DA VINCI Transfer of innovation


Developing vocational training in Career Education (CAR-E)

In 2014 we managed to accredit, being the only in Hungary, the license of the international GCDF carrier consultant training. The Global Career Development Facilitator course is a general training in career counseling that prepares its participants for a work with several target groups in various environments (this can be career orientation-correction counseling, organizational career management etc.).

The program started in the summer of 2013 with a strong debut circle of professionals, where we established the testing and naturalization of the GCDF license and put down the foundations for the stakeholder circle in Hungary with the participation of experienced trainers and coaches working throughout the country. Then in November the first training began with a group of 15 consisting of people working in several higher education institutions and career offices nationwide, followed in January 2014 by a group of secondary school teachers concentrating on secondary school work.

Project number: 2012-1-HU1-LEO05-04825

Project name: Developing vocational training in Career Education

Project partners: NBCC Romania (Ro), Business Foundation for Education (Bg), Szécsenyi István University (Hu), Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Hu), Humanikum Education and Research-development Ltd. (Hu)

Project total cost: 252 803 EUR

Source: LEONARDO DA VINCI Transfer of innovation



The aim of the project implemented within the Swiss Contribution Program was to elaborate the foundations of a knowledge base assisting the consulting system and service, to support the participants of higher education in becoming entrepreneurs. The program included a consultant training and a successful Swiss-Hungarian entrepreneur competition.

Project number: TPPA/2012/03/3

Project name: Best in the business! Introducing start-up consulting services into institutions of the Hungarian and Swiss higher education

Project partners: Startup Centrum of the Universität Zürich (Ch), Széchenyi István University (Hu)

Project total cost: 19 545 650 HUF

Source: Swiss-Hungarian Cooperation Program Brother Settlement and Partner Grant


We completed the following tasks within the priority project of the Hungarian Scouts Association TÁMOP 5.2.8.-12/1/2013-0001 called “Supporting the education of young people in smaller communities”:

  • Adviser, educational tasks

  • Presenting professional know-how in teacher training and advanced studies

  • Methodological renewal of trainings that prepare youth community leaders

  • Organization development



TÁMOP 3.3.12-12-2013-0001 “Ifjúság.hu” comprehensive youth service development for increasing equal opportunities of students in public education, completing professional tasks

  • Seconder research about the tools of supporting career building and the conditions of introducing it to public education

  • Comprehensive model that can be integrated into public education, supporting the process of youth career building

  • Elaborating a professional career building book and a good collection of practices



From February 2013 we accomplished our 16-month development competition as consortium partners of the Regnum Marianum Catholic Community Association.

We provided three kinds of counseling service within the project (Education counseling; personalized counseling; Online labor market counseling – assigning a new forum for the latter: we operated a blog as well) during the entire time frame of the competition, in addition training altogether 15 groups of 8-14 members in 4 topics (Time and task management; Conflict and stress management; Labor market information training; Family and work).



The contemporary training provided theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of life-supporting career orientation for students that were motivated by the commitment to the success of their own career to serve as a model in this development for their fellow students in higher education. The topic was approached with a professional focus, the personal blocks were processed especially along those elements that touch upon the circle of career-building key competences.



Mikszáth Kálmán Secondary Grammar-Technical and Vocational School (Balassagyarmat) organized a career orientation camp (TÁMOP-3.3.10.A-12-2013-0062) and we participated in the elaboration and management of the group sessions.

We provided the career orientation focused competence development tailored to the needs of the students (50) and mentors (5) at Mikszáth Kálmán Secondary Grammar-Technical and Vocational School.

In addition, we organized our own career orientation camps for 2 years for underprivileged young people (250), helping them become a community through social media boards, as well as operating a blog.



Creating training and counseling activities, business partnerships between universities and the labor market, organization development, leadership development

2015-2013: University of Pécs

2014-2013: University of Szeged

2010-2012: Kecskemét College

2009-2012: Pannon University, Veszprém

2008-2012: Széchenyi István University, Győr,

Other work: Miskolc University, Óbuda University, Semmelweis University, Pázmány Péter Catholic University



We regularly provide skills and competence development trainings for career office members and students of Pécs University, Szeged University and the College of Kecskemét. As for their topics, we could create a wide spectrum: assertiveness, tolerance, conflict management, organization and office communication, project planning, time management, job search, presentation technique, representing interests etc.



2007-2012: Accredited training of career office managers and career counselors in cooperation with the Hungarian Conference of Student Councils (60 ppl)

2008-2012: regularly organizing 1-2 thematic field trips a year to the UK (visiting universities as well as AGCAS www.agcas.org.uk and CASE  www.case.org experience exchange)

2010-2012: Building higher education labor market advocacy with the participation of Hungarian career offices (own EU-financed project, 23M HUF value)



IKSZE with its professional partners was the first in the country to have worked out and won the accreditation of online counseling training. Thus our portfolio got richer with yet another gap-filling service. We plan to use this accreditation to provide a professionally established background for this kind of work of mental health professionals and other helpers that are interested in the topic. The 30-hour training summarizes the most important knowledge about the methodology of online counseling, also providing a possibility for practical preparation.